Email the Planning Commission to let them know that Noe Valley supports the Affordable Housing Bonus Program (AHBP)

Exempting Noe Valley from the Affordable Housing Bonus Program would be irresponsible and exclusionary. Copy and paste the form letter below to speak out.

Please be sure to copy Progress Noe Valley on your correspondence. 

What is the Affordable Housing Bonus Program? The Planning Department explains it here.
Heard scary rumors about it? They are debunked here.


Subject: Noe Valley resident in favor of the Affordable Housing Bonus Program

Greetings President Fong and fellow Commissioners:

I am a resident of Noe Valley, and I am writing to express my full support for the Affordable Housing Bonus Program (AHBP). Some neighbors are fighting the program and asking for Noe Valley to be exempted. They do not represent me.

Exempting higher income neighborhoods like Noe Valley would be both exclusionary and irresponsible. San Francisco is facing a severe housing affordability crisis. Although the AHBP cannot solve the problem alone, it is one of the most ambitious and impactful solutions on the table. This is the kind of creative thinking that San Francisco needs.

We can both gradually grow our housing stock and maintain neighborhood character — unless the term character is really code for exclusivity. If any neighborhood does not do its part, it pushes the burden onto surrounding neighborhoods. This directly drives displacement in lower income neighborhoods.

Opponents are using scare tactics and spreading misinformation on social media. Don’t let obstructionism deter you from doing what’s right for San Francisco. Please adopt this program.

Thank you,
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[Member, Progress Noe Valley (if applicable)]