Know a project we should support?

Too often improvements that would be great for the neighborhood and the city as a whole are rejected, scaled back, scrapped, or slowed down because Planning and City Hall only hear from a vocal minority that believes Noe Valley is past its prime. Absent evidence to the contrary, the city has no choice but to assume those voices are representative of the prevailing sentiment. 

People who take the time to comment on a proposed project almost exclusively criticize it because there's little direct incentive to express any support. We aim to turn that on its head and delight neighbors, businesses, and the city with support for projects that will improve our neighborhood. Over time, this can make it feel safer to propose more ambitious improvements  and follow through on them.

We support projects in two ways:

  1. Group endorsement  (We are currently working to establish a mechanism for this.)
  2. Individual emails and letters from our members 

Whether you're a project sponsor or an enthusiastic neighbor, help bring good projects to our attention using the form below.

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